We can provide you with all the means of transportation from passenger cars to air carriers. The coverage of our logistic services is nationwide and includes all possible Russian cities and towns. We also know how to find the shortest and fastest routes from one destination point to another in any given area, which is vital in terms of saving time and money. What is more, you can be sure that we are able to make a comfortable and quick way to the required filming location regardless of possible local events paralyzing the traffic in the city - from the FIFA World Cup finals to public meetings and protests. Our transportation fleet consists not only of the major vehicle classes we usually provide our clients with, but also of special means of transportation that are available upon request.

Economy and Comfort class cars
People carriers with seating capacity from 6 to 19
Buses with seating capacity from 45 to 60
Business class and Luxury cars including limos
Vessels and Air Carriers of any type for your shooting purposes
Any specialized or period transport:
Horse carriages
Retro cars
And many others