Filming permits

Since you are going to Russia to film all the sights and unique showplaces of our beautiful cities, we feel flattered as local residents. But being your production support team we are ready to kick into action. For Camomile Productions most of legal points related to obtaining filming permits are just mere formality, and we mean it. The only thing we would ask you for is to share your filming plans about any particular places of interest you have in mind. This will allow us to prepare all the necessary filming permits by the time you arrive in Russia. To be more particular, in case you are planning to film in the Russian subway, we will arrange permits for filming on specified subway station platforms. Although filming in the public places is allowed, to be on the safe side and in order to settle possible issues with local authorities, our crew will accompany you. On the basis of your request
we can arrange special permits to various municipal/state objects and institutions.