Production & Fixer Services in Russia

Filming has never been easier



We are a team of professionals striving to push the boundaries of film production and fixer services.
Our approach is simple but efficient: we possess ourselves as your local partners and hopefully friends in keeping with the best traditions of the Russian hospitality. At the same time, we treat you as the creators of unique content who need freedom to act, therefore we provide you with this very freedom within the circle of filming possibilities and even beyond. Content production is a tough process, especially when it comes to filming in a foreign country, but we know how to make this process less stressful. We stick to your production plan, we accompany you everywhere you go and support you throughout the whole process until the best possible result is achieved. You can leave all difficulties and formidable tasks to us - we love production much enough to cope with related challenges. Work with us and you will be able to become personally certain that filming has never been easier!